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General FAQs

Most CTOs today understand that automation benefits many areas of the business including finance. Solutions like ours which provide a single source of truth mean that staff can do more accurate and focused analytical work to provide real-time insights to help the business drive efficiencies and maximise business value.

You can. However if you are using our products you can feed the data from your Excel spreadsheets into those, which will give you a visual overview as well as additional information from other sources across your business to help you make business decisions faster.

Absolutely. We have built in governance that will help you manage and navigate the business profile as you go through this process.

You could but using our FP&A software within your business sooner would be beneficial. It will help you build best and worst-case scenarios, and help guide those business discussions and decision-making more effectively.

It will also save valuable time in analysing data, provide you with a single source of truth, give trust and dependability on data; as well as allow you to sensitise key business drivers and unlock hidden opportunities to optimise costs.

Yes, our technology will integrate into any 3rd party product. Our specialist technical team will work with you to understand the technology you use today and will manage all aspects of the integration.

Our solutions complement ERP solutions by adding flexibility and analytics. QEA and QSA sit alongside and on top of an ERP or any legacy system, enhancing the features and benefits to what the finance team can achieve. 

Our solution provides a single source of truth, pulling data from various sources across your business and:

  1. Integrates the planning and budgeting aspects with what-if simulations, sensitivity analysis and scenario modelling
  2. Enables a strong and robust governance by integrating plans, budgets, forecasts and actuals together to give 360 view of financial performance. 
  3. Provides detailed interactive dashboards, reports, compliance checks, covenants, financial signals on regular basis
  4. Not just looks at the summary but also looks for detail programmable EXCEPTIONS and ALERTS at transaction level and highlights the CFO / Finance Office about these proactively
  5. Enables formatted board reporting, Excel integration for further analysis
  6. Offers detailed analysis pages for disconnected analysis
  7. Offers real time simulations, collaboration between key executives and helps having dynamic cost allocation models that can have a history of changing formulas. 

Good question! Unlike artificial intelligence being 100% machine learning and making the decisions, augmented intelligence still uses machine learning but more importantly maintains human involvement.

Augmented Intelligence (AI) takes the data your business provides, presents the findings, the risks, the opportunity but allows you to be the ultimate decision maker on the best course of action for your business. 

It’s simply part of the process to enable you to have real insight, and make the right decisions at the right time.

Product FAQs

Absolutely yes. We understand that key drivers vary from business to business and every business has to face unexpected challenges, such as Covid, so we’ve given you complete freedom to dictate the different scenarios you run.

Yes, we have experience of feeding required data back to ERP solutions, and others. View integrations.

Support FAQs

Don’t worry, we manage the integration for you. Once we understand your requirements we allocate a technical account manager to work with your business on rolling out the solution as timely as possible. 

Many companies we are working with are looking for a quick and easy turnaround on introducing key technologies into their business and we are proud to be able to have our customers up and running in less than 4 weeks. 

As part of our service, we allocate a technical account manager to work with your account to manage the integration as well as be on hand if you have any technical queries once the product is up and running.  We also provide a customer relationship manager who works with you from first engagement and beyond.

Our SaaS solution is very easy to use and intuitive and we’ll support you to use it effectively. 

Pricing FAQs

Our flexible pricing depends on the number of your transactions to analyse and users to access the system. Your Customer Relationship Manager can discuss price with you. Get in touch today!

Our standard pricing includes a set number of users, however you can add additional users at any time.

No, the beauty of our solution is that some features can be turned on and off, so for instance if you only need access to setting up your budget plan one month during the year, you can pay for 1 month access only. 

Still have a question?

If you haven’t been able to find an answer to your question here, please send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.