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Make better business decisions FASTER.

Turn data into insights so you can make clearer, actionable business decisions.

Have more control

Be more auditable

Have better visibility

Use real-time insights to power your decision-making

Many companies are drowning in data and are insight poor, struggling to turn information into intelligence to help drive the business. We solve that problem. We convert your data into actionable insight so you can make better business decisions, faster. Let us show you how our QSF and QEA solutions do this.

Is your data distributed across disparate applications?

Our QEA and QSF products can connect to data within any system – accounting software, ERP, CRM, local data warehouses, external feeds, and of course Excel spreadsheets.

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Who we are

We design and deliver complex analytics and BI solutions. Some might call us tech geniuses. We like to think we’re problem solvers, business transformers – motivated to help you make better business decisions and create more value. We’re a team of experienced fintech and business specialists who share the same goal. We use the smartest tech to help you make better business decisions, faster.

Scenario modelling helping our clients succeed

We care about your business succeeding. We want to help you drive performance by turning information into intelligence. Because when you have those insights, you can be highly efficient and effective – doing so much more with so much less.

Insight Delivered helped our organisation bring together disparate hubs of data from across the business, cleansed and aligned to allow us to have the ability to visualise information from multiple systems in one place. 

Regional Head of FP&A

QEA Hub has immensely helped us improve our collections and helped us focus on areas that were previously missing or ignored!

Group CFO

With QEA deployed within the organisation, our sales team can now focus on closing more business than before. QEA has contributed towards our organisation’s economic value growth. 

Group Chief Operating Officer

Big enough to deliver, small enough to care

It can be difficult finding the right strategic analytics and BI solutions partner. The small ones may not offer everything you need. The big ones might not be very flexible.  

We understand that one size fits doesn’t fit all. We have taken all the benefits of the big tech data exchange tools to offer you only what you need without compromising on quality or performance.

Because our tools are modular, you can pick and choose the right one for you and add more when you need.

Key benefits to working with us

Be sure you have the right information when you need it to make the most of opportunities and be able to tweak your strategy or change direction confidently.

Be able to quickly change strategy

Grab opportunities 

Make best use of your team’s time

Be agile, be proactive

Stay ahead of the competition

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