What’s stopping you from being the CFO you want to be?

We know the answer to this question. For many years, we’ve been working with CFOs and other C-suite leaders to help them find the solutions to drive their organisations forward. We’ve worked across a range of challenges to improve efficiency, identify new revenue opportunities, streamline processes and boost the effectiveness of your teams.

So what do we think is stopping you from being the CFO you want to be? 

The key issue is not being able to make better decisions faster because you don’t have access to the right insights and so can’t plan in real time.

Businesses who do have this in place are smarter, more agile, more competitive and make far better use of their resources.

Why are you missing out?

If you don’t already have this capability, why not? 

Perhaps you think you already have everything in place that you need. You may have an ERP system in place – or perhaps more than one, if you run a large and complex business. 

But there’s a point where the capacity of the ERP stops – and you need to go beyond that point to find the insights that allow you to proactively manage the strategy, approach and competitive drive that your organisation needs.

You need to optimise your decision-making process by:

Uncovering the gaps in your business. What don’t you know? Where could you be more efficient? What’s slipping through the cracks that could be critical to future success?

You might think that you have this covered – but there will still be areas where you don’t have the information you need. Unless you’re 100% confident that you’re catching everything, you probably have some way to go.

Making sense of the information you have. Finding a reliable, real-time and fast way to bring the data in your business together so that it gives you genuinely viable insight.

At the moment, your people are probably doing a lot of this work. Time spent on analysis and data understanding is valuable time lost. And they’ll only be analysing the things you’ve told them to – which means more potential missed opportunities.

Speed up the ‘what if’ process. Sensitivity analysis and scenario planning are notoriously time-consuming. But what if you could do this in real time, with the latest information and on a continuous basis? 

Why not let AI and machine learning do this for you? Then your people are able to free up time to create higher value outputs, using their experience and training to deliver where you need to, while your tech solution gives them the insights to work from.

Demand the insights you need 

According to CFO.com, the top priorities of a CFO are driven by the demand from stakeholders to drive growth, deliver on financial performance expectations and push the best digital initiatives. They identified the key characteristics of today’s most successful CFOs as:

  • Solid communicator
  • Ability to analyse
  • Be tech-conversant
  • Have good risk awareness
  • Look beyond finance
  • Be a strategic business partner to the CEO and C-suite
  • Be alert to ESG issues

All of these characteristics rely on the quality of the information and processes within the business. Without accelerated access to data and insights, CFOs simply aren’t in a strong position to fulfil their role to the best of their ability – in fact, you can be an incredibly able and experienced CFO – but without the insights on which to build you strategy, your approach to risk, your wider picture or your reporting to stakeholders, you are severely constrained. 

Are you performing at the peak of your ability? If you had to list out the things that are stopping you, how could a strong tech solution help?

We know, from working with businesses across multiple sectors, that your position can be instantly transformed with our solution. 

Our powerful analytics platform is proven in complex businesses, and adds immediate value – co-existing and working seamlessly alongside your existing technology to deliver the right business insights to you faster and more accurately than you have today.

You’ve probably already started spending money on these areas, but how confident are you that you’re getting genuine value?

We can speed up the time from purchase to value, helping you to meet KPIs across the business with an enterprise-ready solution.

What’s stopping you?

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