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Value added analysis tools for better management decisions

Put your leaders in control. Make better business decisions faster

When the world is transforming and your enterprise needs to adapt, you need the tools to pivot quickly and efficiently. Our QEA suite of analysis tools was made to harness constant change to your advantage.

  • Alerts you to possible cost savings
  • Determines how to reduce waste
  • Finds additional working capital

QEA improves the efficiency of all your key business functions. Find out how our data analysis tools helped our clients.

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QEA product suite

We have a number of different products to help you make better business decisions, faster.

Enterprise performance management

Measure business performance and devise incentive schemes for your sales and operations teams.

Data eXchange

Our data exchange platform provides you with complete data integration and management.

Car dealership management

Improve sales and service and optimise your car dealership performance.

Financial compliance reporting

Financial planning and monitoring that makes it easier to manage compliance.

Absorption ratio

Comprehensive financial compliance and profitability management tailored to car dealerships.

Credit control

Giving you the insight and ability to manage all your credit control tasks.

Sales book

Run your sales team more effectively with day to day sales and opportunities monitoring.

Costs book

Have better control on costs and benchmarking across departments.

With cost-effective modular and cloud-based options, you can be up and running with your first QEA and QSF module producing intelligent, actionable insights in less than 12 weeks.


Our QEA and QSF products can connect to data within any system – accounting software, ERP, CRM, local data warehouses, external feeds, and of course Excel spreadsheets.

The benefits

Our products provide accurate, timely and relevant insights which identify and rectify problems before they occur.

Unique method of collecting and processing data

Data encrypted in our network and firewalls

Unique 5-layer architecture bound in one network

No manual intervention

Available 24/7 on any device

Low impact implementation

Ready to make better business decisions, faster?

We’d love to show you how our range of analysis tools and BI solutions can actively increase efficiency, performance and your business outcomes.

  • Be more efficient
  • Be more in control
  • Be more profitable

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