Treasury A mission critical operation for CFOs

How adaptable is your Treasury function?

With the considerable responsibilities that the Treasury department has and the critical function it performs, organisations are increasingly looking for ways that Treasury can deliver more – without putting additional pressure on the existing team.

For large national or multinational businesses, Treasury is a key part of the wider finance team, and the advice it gives and decisions it makes are fundamental to the business’s long-term success. From expanding into new products or territories to managing economic fluctuations, the importance of the Treasury function means it needs to always be ahead of the game.

But this isn’t always the case. All too often, Treasury teams have to work with unreliable data, are using legacy software or are relying on spreadsheets. None of this gives teams the accurate information, actionable insights or real-time decision making they need.

How can you improve your Treasury performance?

Transforming your Treasury department’s impact on the rest of the business will make a significant and measurable difference to the overall success of your organisation. Integrating intelligent technology into the department will allow the team to centralise data, leading to a deeper understanding of business performance, and the ability to influence better decision making – faster.

This isn’t about automating tasks and reducing team size. It’s about augmenting the human intelligence in your team, giving them better quality data and insights to work with, and freeing up their time to concentrate less on ‘tasks’ and more on strategy.

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