QEA data visualisation for effective market intelligence

Increased sales, reduced costs, and implemented effective market intelligence

The client

This well-known, global Japanese car brand has been successfully operating in Southern India for over 20 years delighting 100,000 customers per year. They wanted to expand their success as well as grow into a different market.

The problem

  • They wanted to distinctly increase their cross-segment sales and service, which would increase customer retention but lacked the insightful analysis to be able to make these decisions.
  • Our client also wanted to increase sales in the used car business, but their business intelligence was holding them back.
  • Underlying all this was a desire to improve employee retention and link better incentivisation programmes to operational efficiency.
data visualisation graph icon

The QEA data visualisation solution

With the cloud-based QEA Hub successfully installed, we applied two QEA modules – Performance Efficiency Management and Sales Book for clear data visualisation.

With machine capability analysing their business data and recommending improvements, this large company was able to see significant wins and improvements.

“QEA helps me better track our business performance and easily share the actionable insights with the rest of our team. I used to track all this in an Excel spreadsheet but the charting, analysing, and sharing features in QEA Analytics are far superior and easier.”

Head of Operations

The result

  • Cross segment sales and service improved by 25%.
  • They retained 14% more customers than the previous year by improving efficiency and customer approach.
  • They were able to sell certain low turnover products, by providing the right incentives for staff, resulting in an overall net 3% turnover increase (approx. $2million USD).
  • The service department increased revenue by over 15% quarter on quarter.
  • They had the right market intelligence in place to be able to increase sales in the used car segment by 4% (approx. $3m USD).
  • Through improved processes, they reduced refurbishment costs by 20% (approx. $50k USD).
  • QEA made recommendations which allowed them to reduce inventory by 11 days.