QEA data tools for logistics & distribution

Help improve credit control processes and management reporting

The client

Europe’s leading paper & packaging distribution group, with operations in the UK and 78 other countries.  

The problem

Our client’s OEM had seen a decline in after-sales; they wanted to address this and to capture significant market share in spares sales.

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The QEA solution

We put the QEA Hub, intelligent data exchange platform, in place to help our client bring together all the disparate strands of their data tools for analysis. The QEA Sales Book module was then put in place to facilitate their focus on improving sales.

QEA Hub has immensely helped us improve our collections and helped us focus on areas that were previously missing or ignored!

Group Chief Operating Officer

The result

  • QEA showed them how to improve spares sales by 25% in first 2 quarters (approx. $25m USD).
  • Based on the intelligent analysis QEA was providing and the sales patterns it was highlighting for them, they were able to establish additional sales regions.
  • Accurate estimated sales meant they introduced a dynamic inventory plan, which improved working capital by 16 % (~$10 m USD).