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Analyse, plan and respond quickly with real-time data-driven insights. QSF is your catalyst for business growth

Fast track your finance strategy with data driven technology

Financial strategy is key to every single business decision. You need to be the catalyst for growth and efficiency and we’re here to make this easier for you.

QSF Plan & Insight gives smart, real time, and accurate information – fast. From financial planning, budgeting, governance, FP&A, to being a valued business partner. Our data driven technology is flexible, scalable and future proofed.

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Find out if your business is ready for QSF Plan & Insight’s data driven technology.

View information from multiple systems

QSF Plan & Insight allows you to view information from different systems and run financial sensitivity analyses in minutes. You’ll have data driven technology insights whenever you need.

There is a business-friendly dashboard providing a framework so that you can easily populate the data relevant to your business. You can then analyse and manipulate your data in real-time to help drive your strategy.

The benefits

Be more agile

Respond to changing market conditions quickly and accurately with real-time insight from all corners of your business.

Spend more time on analysis

Automated processes so you can get straight into the planning and analysis and cut down manual effort.

Empower your analysts

Adjust scenarios quickly to include changing business conditions without relying on manual input.

Drive growth

All your data in one place in a clear dashboard for more effective decision-making in your business.

Bulletproof evidence

Every transaction is documented, streamlining your risk management and compliance processes.

Better management decisions

Eliminate reporting silos, integrate and connect your planning for value added analysis and proactive decision-making.

Insight Delivered’s data driven technology helped our organisation bring together disparate hubs of data from across the business, cleansed and aligned to allow us to have the ability to visualise information from multiple systems in one place.

Regional Head, Global Packaging Firm

Key features

  • Scenario modelling to inform financial and operational actions 
  • Connect strategic, financial and operational plans
  • Modular, template-based tech
  • FP&A software that can be used in real-time
  • Easy to use and saves valuable time
  • Flexible modelling capabilities
  • Scalable with your business
  • Cost-effective    
  • Fully auditable

Innovation in FP&A

Stop wasting time pulling together and analysing historical data from disparate systems and tackling never-ending versions of a spreadsheet.

  • Spend less time on data collection
  • Have more focus on analysis
  • More robust analysis
  • Assess the impact of alternative actions quickly
  • Shift from reactive to proactive decision making
  • Be able to pivot quicker
  • Spot opportunities before others
  • Optimise your plans for growth


Our QEA and QSF products can connect to data within any system – accounting software, ERP, CRM, local data warehouses, external feeds, and of course Excel spreadsheets.

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully you’ll find the answers to your questions here.

Absolutely. We have built in governance that will help you manage and navigate the business profile as you go through this process.

Absolutely yes.  We understand that key drivers vary from business to business and every business has to face unexpected challenges, such as Covid, so we’ve given you complete freedom to dictate the different scenarios you run.

Our solution provides a single source of truth, pulling data from various sources across your business and:

  1. Integrates the planning and budgeting aspects with what-if simulations, sensitivity analysis and scenario modelling.
  2. Enables a strong and robust governance by integrating plans, budgets, forecasts and actuals together to give a 360 view of financial performance. 
  3. Provides detailed interactive dashboards, reports, compliance checks, covenants, financial signals on a regular basis.
  4. Doesn’t just look at the summary but also looks at the detail (such as exceptions and alerts) at transaction level and communicates these to the finance team.
  5. Enables formatted board reporting and Excel integration.
  6. Offers detailed analysis pages for disconnected analysis.
  7. Offers real time simulations, collaboration between key executives and helps dynamic cost allocation models that can have a history of changing formulas. 

Most CTOs today understand that automation benefits many areas of the business including finance.  Solutions like ours which provide a single source of truth mean that staff can do more accurate and focused analytical work to provide real-time insights to help the business drive efficiencies and maximise business value.

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  • Be more efficient
  • Be more in control
  • Be more profitable

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