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Continuous product development – how we do it and why it matters

In our opinion, the best technology is the technology that’s constantly getting better. The best technology is the technology that never stands still. The best technology is technology that adapts to market demand and need.

This process of continuous development is how all forward-thinking tech firms operate. Instead of waiting for a big ‘batch’ update, we work on our software all the time – adjusting, adding features, improving performance – so that our customers are constantly getting the best technology that’s delivering the results they need.

It’s an approach that comes with a bit of humility. Where big tech firms often say: “Here’s our product. It’s great! Get on with it!” – we say: “We believe our product is the best option for you, so let’s work together to make sure it is always giving you what you need, and we’ll continue to develop it so that it is working with your business for the best results.”

How does continuous improvement work for us?

We focus our continual development work in the three key areas that make up our QEA platform:

Data Engineering

The foundation of our platform is our DeX – data exchange – module. This fetches data from disparate systems and centralises it into a common data model that then drives the business analysis and AI solutions that we deliver. We can collect data from all standard market systems and ERPs, and when we come across something new, we just add it to our development so we can manage that too. So, we’re always expanding our API and micro services capabilities, to ensure that all data is captured quickly and seamlessly when you bring our platform into your business.

Business analytics

Once you have a reliable central data source, what can you do with it? Our goal is to extract the complex data from your business and present it simply so that you can see exactly what’s going on. This in turn informs your insights, planning and decision making, saving you money and identifying potential new income streams. The faster we can do this, while also building a great user experience, the better – and that’s the focus of our continued development in this area.

AI vision

Many of our clients come on board with an initial aim of centralising their data and finding the actionable insights they need to be more efficient. But they often discover that adding AI to their platform gives them a range of benefits:

  • Expands the time capacity of their teams
  • Speeds up decision making
  • Transforms scenario planning
  • Gives them a competitive advantage

Our AI vision comes in the form of templates designed for specific purposes – for example cashflow forecasting, or customer payment behaviour patterns. Working closely with our clients, we are constantly developing new AI templates to help manage specific challenges. That means more AI templates available to new customers, more knowledge acquired by our teams, and more benefits for our existing clients.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our unique platform and how it can solve your data, analytics and productivity challenges, why not book a discovery call today?

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