QEA business intelligence tools for manufacturing efficiency

Reduced staff attrition while improving manufacturing efficiency

The client

Our client is a vertically integrated textile company, manufacturing cotton yarn, woven and knitted fabrics, finished garments and home textiles. With manufacturing efficiency declining and trained employees leaving, they knew that to thrive as a business they had to address the high employee attrition rate and simultaneously improve their manufacturing processes.

The problem

  • Their employee attrition rate was running at 30%, one impact of which was the loss of skilled and trained staff.
  • Their manufacturing process efficiency was declining, with high wastage rates and low production rates.
business intelligence tools used in manufacturing

The QEA business intelligence tools solution

QEA Hub was installed as the cloud based intelligent data exchange platform, allowing the client to bring machine analysis and learning to their team. The QEA Performance Efficiency Management module was chosen as the best fit to solve their specific problems.

“Within the first 6 months of using the QEA Performance Management module, we were able to clearly define an effective staff incentive programme. This helped massively in reducing our attrition rate and helped us retain critical staff”. 

Senior Operations Manager

The result

  • Just 6 months after QEA was introduced, the employee attrition rate dropped to 14% (from 30%), stopping the haemorrhage of vital staff.
  • In the same period, wastage was reduced by 23% (around $85k USD).
  • Manufacturing efficiency was also improved in six months by 11% every month, resulting in improved production of approximately $150k USD.