QEA business intelligence for efficient supply chain

Radically improved supply chain efficiency and increased turnover

The client

Producing 100% organic cotton yarns, with a vertical set up from fair trade organic cotton yarn to garments, this business needed to significantly improve their complex supply chain.

The problem

  • Delays in product delivery were leading to penalties and loss of business.
  • Underlying this loss of income was a complex business process and workflow that needed to be more efficient.
  • All of these issues were exacerbated by the senior management team having limited visibility and monitoring at specific activity level – they found out what was going on too late to be able to do anything about it.

The QEA business intelligence solution

With the cloud-based QEA Hub intelligent data exchange platform in place, we installed our QEA Supply Chain module.

Insight Delivered’s solutions helped us significantly improve our supply change management – and the results were tangible.

CFO, Global Manufacturer

The result

  • Within 12 months of QEA business intelligence in the business, their on-time in full (OTIF) improved to 88% from 35%.
  • In Year 2 of adoption of QEA, the business saw no financial penalties due to SLA breaches, eliminating potential losses of $1 to $3 million USD.
  • The improved efficiency of their supply chain process minimised bottlenecks and backlogs, which resulted in increased overall turnover of 7% (an estimated $5m USD).