QEA business analytics for improved collections

Make improvements in collections and solve problems before they happen

The client

As a designer and manufacturer of advanced passenger vehicles for the global market, our client wanted to significantly improve their collections processes with our business analytics tools. 

The problems

  • They had large customer receivables in their working capital.
  • The ‘customer outstanding’ was significant and inclining towards bad debt.
  • A collection process that was manual and people dependant.
  • The management team had no visibility of collections.
business analytics designing car on tablet

The QEA solution

With QEA Hub in place to provide business analytics with an intelligent data exchange platform, we installed the QEA Collections module for the client.

QEA Hub has immensely helped us improve our collections and helped us focus on areas that were previously missing or ignored!

Group CFO

The results

Credit control

  • The delinquency rate was reduced by 50% within 4 months of QEA going live.
  • The new ‘Intelligent Calling List’, recommended by QEA Collections, improved their collections by 14%.
  • The Days Sales Outstanding was improved by 4.5 days (an 8% improvement in collections).
  • The management team now has full visibility and oversight of all collections activity, as well as QEA alerting them to potential issues and how to solve them before they happen.