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We help businesses grow with our innovative FP&A software

We build FP&A digital products for your success

We’re problem solvers, business transformers – motivated to help you make better business decisions and create more value in your business.

It’s tough out there and many CEOs, CFOs and financial planners we speak to face huge challenges in consolidating data from across their business. The world is moving at such a fast pace, and you need to keep ahead of change. Consequently, decision-making has become more difficult.

We’re on a mission to change that. We want to help you respond to the demands of this fast-paced environment. We bring the smartest tech delivered in a way that works for your business so you overcome these challenges. We promise you real-time visibility of the data that matters, when it matters using augmented intelligence.

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Our mission

Our mission is to be a global leader in augmented intelligence, which enables people to make better business decisions, faster.

Meet our team

We’re a close-knit team with years of experience in fintech, the C-suite, business consultancy, and augmented intelligence. We each have our specialisms, but all share our mission.

Vijay Iyer


Vijay, our CEO has the power to recognise a client’s need to quickly respond to drivers which impact and influence a businesses’ value.

Kulbir Minhas


Kulbir, our CTO, is the technical genius behind our QEA and QSF Plan & Insight solutions. He lives and breathes tech and overcoming what may seem impossible.

Fazul IIahi

Chief Product Engineer

Fazul sets the vision for how we use technology. He ensures that our technological resources meet the company’s short and long-term needs and that we stay on top of trends and developments in tech.

Venu Lakshman


Venu our COO, leads our product development, strategy and business operations and understands the issues facing companies right now. 

Zahir Petiwalla

Non-Exec Director

Zahir is a highly respected CFO in the financial sector, and we are delighted to have him as a NED.

Businesses need to be agile to stay competitive. Nobody has time for lengthy processes and outdated forecasts. You need to be more efficient and ready to make quicker decisions. And to be able to do this you need instant access to data driven insights.”

Vijay Iyer, CEO, Insight Delivered 

Why CFOs are choosing Insight Delivered

Our BI, analytics, and FP&A solutions are like no other on the market. They enhance your team’s capabilities by integrating them with machine capacity. You save cost, time, and effort and can accurately measure the impact on your business.

Power to flex and respond

Sensitise key business drivers

Unlock hidden opportunities to optimise cost

Dynamically build best and worst-case scenarios

Save valuable time

Have a single source of truth

Improve trust and dependability on data across the organisation

Radically improve performance at all levels

These are just some of the benefits our clients are getting. And as we are continually researching and understanding their problems, we keep on providing the tech and solutions that work for them.

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