AI in finance with a white robotic arm in the centre of many shelves

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We want to unleash the creative potential of CFOs around the world with AI in finance. Rather than being money managers, CFOs should be wealth creators – with the data and insights they need at their fingertips.

AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly central to achieving this change in the role of the finance department, and Insight Delivered designs and delivers the intelligent technology that supports CFOs to get ahead of the game and stay there. 

AI in finance research project

We’re conducting a primary research project, speaking directly to the CFOs and finance leaders who are managing the fast-paced change and challenge that today’s finance departments face. The results of this research will be published as part of our ongoing thought leadership programme.

Could you help us?

We’d like to hear how you feel about AI – does it feel like a threat, or a risk to bring it into your business? Are you worried about losing team members to AI? Do you think it will be too expensive or disruptive?

Perhaps you are excited about the possibilities – having access to a single source of real-time data that allows you to improve your decision making, discover new areas of efficiency and see where you can create new income streams. Let us know – we want to hear from you.

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All research is anonymous and, as well as contributing to a positive conversation about intelligent finance solutions, will help us to better understand how our products and applications can be most useful.